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All of our meal options and grocery options are made from scratch here at Swans by our Chef. We wanted to create options for you and your family to cook and enjoy at home.

There are meals that are just ready to heat up and items such as fresh pasta to make your favorite pasta dish with. We have vacuumed packed our options so that you can either enjoy them tonight or you can store them for another time. 

All of our meat comes from Two Rivers Specialty Meats which describes their relationships with their farms below.

"We choose to work with small local farms that take pride in animal husbandry and produce top-quality meat. These farmers understand the needs of their animals and provide homes where they can thrive. We know it’s true because we’ve checked. Every Two Rivers partner undergoes regular audits, where we visit the farm, speak with the farmers and see how their animals live. We do the homework so you don’t have to. Our partner farms are located throughout western Canada—mostly in British Columbia, with a few in Alberta." Two Rivers Meats




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