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Our Riesling vines, planted in 1978, have rooted deeply, accessing soil structures and minerality* that course through the vines and bunches. Aromas of apricot and citrus. On the palate is an initial attack of bright citrus flavours, settling into the minerality, and finishing with apricot again.

*Minerality: “Minerality is valid for Sperling wines because there is an added structural dimension to the wines every year regardless of heat units or growing season. I'm not talking about the obvious things like acidity and extract but another dimension - it resembles backbone with a flinty texture and feels like a line down the middle of your palate.” Ann Sperling

*Minerality: "It can mean the sense that you are tasting the soil as well as the grape; that hint of mineral flavour has somehow migrated through the vine-roots into the wine. It can be more of a metaphor for something crystalline; a hard, glinting presence setting off what is soft and fruity." Hugh Johnson