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This story starts back in 1917 with Pedro Pavone Vogino, an Italian immigrant, who ventured to the Isla de Maipo in the now famous wine region of Maipo Valley, Chile. Starting off as a grape farmer, it wasn't until 1931 that he was able to purchase his own farm. By 1956, Pedro's son, Félix Pavone Arbea, founded the Santa Ema winery as it stands today. Over 100 years later, the fourth generation of Pavones continue to promote their wines on an international level. As their company has grown, so has their involvement in the community and commitment to sustainable practices. In 2011, Santa Ema became Certified Sustainable. Additionally, Santa Ema has introduced a 30km Project, in which they promote and collaborate with other entrepreneurs who are located no more than 30km from the winery itself. Santa Ema also devotes a portion of their website to advocate for the benefits of moderate wine consumption including reduced blood pressure and insulin levels, and protection against heart disease! Serve at 17 C. Drink now up to 4 years.

How it looks

Deep ruby red core with a slight tinge of purple at the centre with a playful hint of raspberry at the edges.

How it smells

Aromas of red and black fruits quickly grab our attention as they float out of the glass. A few swirls and we are envisioning ripe bunches of blackberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, and plums. We also find a pleasant note of toast accompanied by a slight spicy element.

How it tastes

We're delighted by the luxurious red and black fruit notes echoed on the palate. Raspberries, cherries, and blackberries intrigue us, while soft and silky tannins coat our palate. After six months in oak, there is a spicy depth with clove and baking spice intermingling with that same toasty hint and a slight green bell pepper that piques our interest. Medium bodied with a bright acidity and subtle finish - this bottle won't last long!

Recommended food pairing

We're dreaming of a spicy stew and any other favourite red meat dish! Or, keep it simple and pair it with your favourite hard cheeses.