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A beautiful blend of nearly equal parts Muller Thurgau, a germanic grape variety with a strong reputation for success in the extreme temperatures of Cowichan Valley, as well as fruit forward and mineral Pinot Gris all from Blue Grouse’s Certified naturally Grown Estate.


Traditionally made in the ‘Champagne Method’, Paula Brut was lovingly hand-riddled and spent 12-18 months on lees to develop complex aromas and allow the flavours to marry and mellow.

Tasting Note

The Blue Grouse Estate Winery’s philosophy evolves from the concept of “stewardship”, where their aim is to make everything they touch better than it was when we found it. They apply this to training the team of employees, the environment that hosts the vineyard and home, the vines, the wines, the infrastructure which supports the winery and vineyard, and the economics of the business model – everything. Blue Grouse cares deeply about family and friends, living a long and healthy life, simplicity of doing a few things, but doing them very well, humility, honesty, and stewardship. We believe all of this together will make their wines exceptional quality. From vine to bottle, extreme care is taken to produce a true terroir expression of Vancouver Island. Winemaker at Blue Grouse, Bailey Williamson, classically trained red-seal chef turned winemaker with experience from Road 13, always focus’ on our west coast style and cuisine when making Blue Grouse wines, and is proud to work for one of the oldest wineries on the island. In fact, their site was chosen by the Federal Govt of Canada as the prime site for Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, a trait which attracted the likes of world renowned terroir expert, Dr. Pedro Parra. A humble 8.5ha vineyard (expanding to 15ha) sits on a 65ha estate that has an abundance of biodiversity from interplantings, native animals like the Blue Grouse bird, and a small creek in behind. Blue Grouse’s commitment to being stewards of their land is remarkable, from choosing to farm their land organically (without the use of man-made chemicals) to having a closed-loop water system in the winery, and even having a zero carbon footprint by using 30% lighter glass to decrease fuel emissions when shipping the wine, they take care to not only produce outstanding wines, but to take care of their community and environment.